Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ini Berita Teladan

Baca berita ini, berita baik yang berlaku di Australia tahun 2007. Boleh jadi teladan. Di malaysia juga ada berita begini tapi tak dihebohkan.

A LEADING Thai monk charged with the rape of a young Australian woman has been defrocked.

Thai police are investigating allegations that Phra Wimolmunee (Munee) Waewnokyoong, 59, sexually assaulted the 18-year-old during a temple "rite" on January 25.

Munee, a monk since he was 13, was the abbot of Chanthasamosorn Temple and the monastic head of Bangkok's Dusit district at the time of the alleged attack.

He had since been replaced, the acting director of Thailand's National Buddhism Bureau, Chularat Boonyakorn, said yesterday.

"We have already appointed a new abbot for Chanthasamorsorn Temple," said Mr Chularat.
Munee, who could face 20 years in jail if convicted, has denied attacking the woman.
Police say they arrested the monk on Thursday as he allegedly tried to assault the teenager a second time.

The police hid themselves on the premises after being told of the first alleged attack and asked the woman to return to the temple with a camera concealed in her bag.

A friend, who said she had accompanied the woman on her first visit to the temple, later told police what had happened.

She said the abbot told the woman that bad luck had befallen her and she should undergo a ritual to avoid "bad things".
The abbot then took the woman into his private quarters to perform a "rite" that included the use of lighted candles on her naked body.

But, after she had undressed, he sexually assaulted her.
The teenager's mother -- who has flown to Thailand to be with her daughter -- had for some time been a faithful follower of the monk.

She had recommended her daughter visit Munee, a popular preacher of Buddhism in Australia and other Western lands.

The Australian Embassy said its consular officials were assisting the family.
"The family also requested that the media respect the family's privacy at this time," an official said.
Detectives have since searched the monk's living quarters.

Phra Khru Palad Theeravoravat, who instantly defrocked the monk, later said there had been about 400 complaints against wayward monks in areas under his jurisdiction.

It's believed thousands of Thais and foreigners, including many Australians, have consulted Munee over the years.
Hundreds of girls and young men claim to have been sexually assaulted by monks in Thailand over the past 12 months.

Mr Chularat said the Supreme Sangha Council had issued a circular to provincial monastic leaders to ensure all abbots, monks and novices follow dharma discipline.

"Monks who have been defrocked because of sex allegations will never be ordained again, not even if . . . acquitted by the courts," he said.


Ini berita baik dari Thailand tahun 2000

Berita 1

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Buddhist monks who allegedly murdered people, enjoyed sex with women and, in a macabre ritual, roasted a dead baby have wreaked hell on Thai society and its saffron-robed clergy.
On Monday (October 30), police arrested a Buddhist abbot for allegedly killing a woman whose body was found a week earlier inside a septic tank at a neighbor's home.

Police seized Abbot Adhikan Arn Wattanadhammo, 46, in Petchabun town while he reportedly tried to burn bloodstained clothing and destroy a ring inscribed with the dead woman's surname.

Berita 2

COMPERE: Phone sex, real sex, dressing up in military uniforms, rape, murder and being murdered. These are just some of the scandals that Thailand's Buddhist Monks have been embroiled in recently.

Spirits are high at the Tar Chang Temple near Bangkok. It's the end of the rainy season and time for the Monks to receive new robes from the community. People are dancing and faces are smiling, and if one didn't know better one may believe all was well in this Buddhist community.But there was a dark secret here that recently became very public indeed. This Temple's Abbot was caught by local TV cameras sneaking out to late night trysts with women in breach of his vows of celibacy.

In the morning, Abbot Oneshy Unsap, emerged not as a Monk but meticulously disguised in the full regalia of an Army Colonel, before driving off in a shiny black Mercedes. All that was too much for Thailand's police. The Abbot was roughly arrested and now faces five years in jail.

Abbot Oneshy was still wearing his Monk's robes under the military uniform because, he says, inside he is still a Monk.The Abbot's Deputy at the Tah Chang Temple, Isfang Mutavow. Nowadays, he says, some Senior Monks are not disciplined so the monastic institution is declining. In the past Monks followed the rules, but now men's minds are weak.

Some Monks go to prostitutes, he says, drink alcohol and take drugs. It didn't happen in the past, but now they don't follow the rules.

GEOFF THOMPSON: It's been a particularly rough trough for Thailand's Monks recently. Apart from Abbot Oneshy's scandal, other Monks have been exposed for donning wigs and attending karaoke bars. Another Deputy Abbot was recorded engaging in phone sex with women. One has been accused of rape, another has been charged with drug dealing - another still with killing a woman and dumping her in a septic tank.Professor Kappel Singh says the very existence of a Monkhood known here as the Sangha is under threat.

CHATSUMAN KAPPEL SINGH: They say themselves they are Monks but they are not practising but they are doing something else then the lay people will lose respect - will lose respect. And if the Monks are not aware of this, they are going to become the rare specie that is going to be extinct. The Sangha and the Cabinet of the Supreme [inaudible] need to set this, priorities it as one of the most important issue that they need to meet.

GEOFF THOMPSON: But back at Tar Chang Temple the disgraced Abbot still has his defenders.This woman says she has served as the Temple's cook for 10 years. The Abbot had some good points, she says. Though he had affairs with women, it's his own business. He didn't have sex in the Monastery, she says, and we can't be fully confident he had sex in other places. If he really did, they should have filmed it, then I would believe. Professor Kappel Singh believes the mixture of Monk's mischief and modern media means the bad deeds of a few bring down the reputation of the Sangha as a whole that is causing a crisis of faith for some believers.


Sami Siam power sungguh,

bila jatuh ke laut akan jadi pulau,

bila jatuh ke bukit akan jadi balak,

bila jatuh ke negara orang akan jadi berita hangat,

bila jatuh ke wat akan jadi tauke besar,

bila jadi tauke besar, anak angkat (perempuan) keliling pinggang,

bila tak tahan mulalah angkat anak.

* Tok Sami yang kena tangkap dan dipaksa keluar dari sami kerana pakai uniform askar, sudah jadi Sami balik. Kesnya dianggap selesai. Ini mesti kabel baik punya. Kah, kah, kah!

(Woit, apa khabar sahabat jubah kuning kita di PJ? Baguskah budak perempuan 15 tahun?)


Anonymous said...

Mujur tok sami siam penang dahulu tidak kena tangkap pasal main ubat,kalau tidak malu siam kita.Dah keluar sami pun masih curi / ambik duit wat kok seraya main ubat lagi :khabar dari teman di kelantan.Dosa

pena reformasi said...

Main ubat, main judi, main nombor ekor, main betina semua ada kat penang tu.

Anonymous said...

Benda sedap siapa tak nak terutama main buntut betina. Betul tak Tuan pena? Hang jadi sami dulu macam mana tak ada terhingin nak tenggek betina ker?

pena reformasi said...

Ish, ish, ish! Aku bukan Arahant!

Anonymous said...

Saudara pena reformasi memang seorang yang rasional dan sabar dengan karenah penulis-penulis yang 'nakal'. Kalau orang lain, dah lama kena sakit jantung.

Tapi saya rasa saudara tak perlulah menyiarkan komen-komen yang sia-sia dan mencarut itu. Komen-komen yang rendah kualiti mental itu patut dibakul sampahkan jer.

Mereka itu bukan jenis yang nak berubah tapi cuma nak 'meriahkan' blog tuan. tapi ini tidak bagus kerana tidak membawa faedah.

Biarkanlah mereka dengan dunia mereka. Bila dah ada anak bini nanti barulah mereka tahu langit tinggi rendah...atau bila dekat nak mati nanti.

Satu lagi, saya harap saudara Pena Reformasi dapat membincangkan topik-topik agama...saya rasa ini lebih bermanfaat untuk kita semua.
Macam ceramah atau khutbah agamalah...tapi jangan meleret. hehehe

SK Tin

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Saya setuju dengan SK Tin, komen yang tidak meberi faedah tak perli disiarkan, buang masa. Pilih komen membina cukuplah.