Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kulit Anjing Jadi Kulit Harimau

Authorities were horrified to learn that a Thai monk and accomplices skinned more than 200 domesticated dogs, cats and cows, then painted them with tiger stripes to dupe faith seekers into buying the false holy charms.

According to reports, officials from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation raided the temple on February 12 on a tip from suspicious locals, and they seized 204 animal skins, including a crocodile skin, leopard skin and five other cat species. The remaining skins–which were believed to be tigers–were actually hundreds of domesticated dogs, cats and cows painted to resemble tigers.

Monks confessed to police that the temple abbot had planned to tattoo the pelts with religious writings, then pass them off as real tiger skins to sell as religious charms.

A director for the Department of National Parks told reporters, “I want to warn people who like to buy religious items made from animal remains that this is not just illegal; they can also be conned. For example in this case they weren’t tiger skins, but dog and cow skins – if you worship them they will not bring good fortune. They are a cause of animal cruelty as well,”

He added that the demand for tiger body parts in the 2010 zodiac Year of the Tiger will heighten illegal activity to satisfy desperate buyers.


Anonymous said...

Umpama manusia, wajah manusia, hati seperti haiwan.

kerana ketakutan dan kejahilan, manusia berlindung dengan phra kreung dan segala tangkal azimat.

kerana tamak dan kejahilan, manusia melakukan pelbagai kegiatan yang merosakkan diri dan alam.

institusi agama pun tidak selamat dalam hal ini kerana adanya 'manusia' di dalammya.

orang-orang yang salih hendaklah melihat kefanaan (anicca) segala tindak tanduk. Dan berusaha ke arah pembebasan diri. Hendaklah kita mengambil iktibar dan beramal demi kesejahteraan diri.

sk tin

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

From the case, we should learn that only we can help ourselves.

To do merit to the temples and monks, we need wisdom and be open-minded.

If we cannot find the right temples and monks then we should channel our contribution to the welfare organisations (like orphanages), the sicks or our own parents.
The parents are so near and dear to us...To do merit to them and for them are also the highest blessings.

sk tin.